Steve Boyce

boyceHolding down the bottom end, bringing to life rhythms and melodies, Steve Boyce loves to play the bass. Starting on accordion as a young, budding musician, moving to guitar and piano (and even a little drums), one day Steve found out the bass player in his band was moving away – and no one else in the band wanted to play it. And so his life as a bass player began…

Sound has also been a strong calling for Steve and while continuing to play music, he developed a career in the audio world. Live sound, recording, producing, engineering are all ongoing passions, working with local, national, and world-wide artists.

Steve has played with Chuck Berry, Spencer Davis, BB King, John Popper, Lee Oscar, and many more. His collaboration with Alan White has continued for many years, first in the band MerKaBa, then in White. Steve also plays with the Geoffrey Castle band and the blues/rock/R&B band Two Sheds Jackson.