Alan White

© Jerry and Lois Photography All rights reserved.

© Jerry and Lois Photography. All rights reserved.

Born in the north of England in 1949, Alan White began his musical journey by taking piano lessons at age six. At twelve, his uncle bought him his first drum kit and he’s never looked back. Throughout the mid-to-late 1960’s, Alan performed with a variety of bands throughout England and Europe and was also sought-after as a studio musician.

In 1968, after a stint with Ginger Baker’s Airforce, Alan was invited by John Lennon to join the Plastic Ono Band for the Live Peace concert in Toronto, Canada. Alan went on to contribute to Lennon’s epic album, Imagine, tracking on the legendary title song “Imagine”, as well as “Instant Karma”, and many other tracks. He was then asked to record “All Things Must Pass” with George Harrison including the timeless track “My Sweet Lord”.

In 1972, while touring with Joe Cocker, he was asked to join the progressive rock band “Yes”. Forty-four years later Alan is now the longest tenured active member of the band—contributing to songwriting, recording, and live performances around the world.

Alan is overjoyed to be asked to perform on the “War for the Cure” song written by his daughter Cassi and Levi Ware. He believes this song could bring new understanding, hope, and resources to the families so affected by this devastating disease.